A downloadable thingy for Windows

Yet another voxel engine. Explore, build, sculpt, melt, paint, mold, and er... glassify(!?) in high fidelity.

Think of it as a high-res, low-feature Minecraft.

Videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC23tR3ZSOB3PL3Q_J...


Things are fairly scalable, but this is the machine I'm developing on:

64bit Windows 10

Intel Core i5-4670K 8GB

Geforce GTX 960 2GB

Version 0.13: Added tool menu

Version 0.12: OpenCL support, various fixes

Version 0.11: Increased FoV, decreased blur

Install instructions

Unzip monadia.zip anywhere and run monadia.exe.

Read the readme for (many) more details.


Monadia v0.13.zip 5 MB

Development log

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